Crayons Early Learning Centre

For your centre Kindy Photography we will be providing a prepaid service where you can select your photography package via our online ordering system. Our packages will be displayed via our website for you to select from alongside any added extras that you may be interested in, this will ensure we can work as efficiently as possible and we will aim to have your selected end product returned to you within 4 weeks from the session date.

We ensure your chosen images are the very best of what we take that highlights your child’s true personality 

Please note that the class photos will ONLY consist of those children within the class who have placed an order. If there is no order for a child, their image will not be included in the class photo.

When Ordering for 2+ children

If you have 2 or more children at the centre and are wanting sibling photos please be aware you can select sibling collection which has individual of each child (2) plus one together along with their class photos. 
If you want extra individual photos then you can purchase an extra package for individuals.  
Please contact Angie on 0433 301 575 or if you need help with the ordering process.
All prices are displayed are in Australian Dollars.
Delivery Time: approximately within 4 weeks of the photo week your order will be delivered to the Centre/Kindergarten.

Thank you for participating in your centres photos. Below you will find several different packages available to order.

Your photo day is the 16th July 2024

All orders must be processed by the 14th July to be included. No orders past the 14th July 2024 will be accepted.

Payment options include PayPal, Stripe, and Afterpay. 

Note that a package must be ordered before the add ons can be purchased.

Individual Child Portraits

Sibling Portraits