Important information

As you can imagine there is alot that goes into the work that we do to ensure we photograph your children to the best of our abilities.


We wish to give you the very best product and service that we can so we have a little bit of information below for you to help guide you to make this process as easy as it can be for everyone included.

Please ensure you read the below 

We will be in contact with your centre to send out our details and packages prior to the booked date – this would be why you are here most likely, so hello and welcome to our business 🙂

We request that ALL final orders are submitted and final NO later than the Sunday prior to the booked date -We understand that life gets busy but please understand on our first day of attending the centre we aim to photograph each room and all attending children  (UNLESS specifically requested to us within your order) meaning that if your child is in attendance they will be photographed on day one, if there is no order attached at this time your child may miss out on being photographed to the requirements of your chosen package. Late orders throw out our extensive run sheets and system that we work with and mean we will be reshooting your child, throwing out our photograph sorting system in our office, to avoid this confusion we insist ALL orders must be finalised by the Sunday prior. Late orders will be cancelled. 

Please understand that unless specifically requested, your child will be photographed on the first day if they are in attendance -we will not reshoot if you request a specific day after we have attended our first day there. So please ensure they are dressed or have a change of clothes within their bags – please ensure you notify the teachers if this is the case so they can ensure your child is prepared. Our running system for day care centres is that we begin in Nursery room and work our way up, Please understand that if your child is in the eldest room chances are they will not be done upon our arrival unless previously arranged, we do our best to cater for everyone but we must work within what works best for our functionality and the Day-care centre to ensure minimal disruptions across each room. 

We also wish to elaborate on our sibling packages, we know many siblings attend these centres and we encourage sibling collections to be ordered, however these must be purchase WITH an individual package for EACH sibling.
We do also understand some parents request sibling shots with children in before school care, or even with children outside of day care, for this PLEASE note this upon your order so we know to make arrangements for photographing your children within the hours we are there. We attend each centre from 8:30am and will work the required hours it takes for us to get through each room. 

We also wish to remind you how we operate in terms of photographing your children. We understand that not every child is the same, not every child is gong to sit still, smile for the camera and away they go, actually we can guarantee that 9 kids our of 10 will REFUSE to do so, and for that reason, we don’t work that way. We encourage the kids to chose a play ground item that they genuinely enjoy, the engagement with this selected item will create those real smiles we all love! Photographing this way means that not every child image will be the same, so please don’t expect this as we simply work with what works best for your child! We understand some parents prefer the posed seated image however we work with what works best for your child to produce genuine real smiles. This means we do what works best for your children, so if you see that their image varies to the others in their class, this isn’t on purpose, this isn’t to separate them from others, it is purely what worked best for your children, please note that we will not be reshooting to ensure your child’s final image is similar to another child’s or due to you preferring a different background, each Childs session is and will be what works best for them at the time of their photos.