Do you photograph all children even without an order placed for the class photos?

No, Our class photos are made up of individual images of each child, but only those who have placed an order. If you wish for your child to be featured in the class photo, please ensure you have placed an order for them. All preschool kids will be photographed regardless for the last years class photo before heading off to school next year.

What Qualifications do you have?

I am an extensively, self taught Photographer which was in the works for many years prior to beginning my Business, Photography has always been my passion so I was always learning and building my skills throughout my life.  I have also completed many workshops and courses with the Brisbane School of Photography & Art along with completing my Diploma in Photography with The Photography Institute. 

I was also part of the HEARTFELT team as a volunteer photographer and I represent as part of the South QLD Birth Photographers on www.directory.birthphotographer.com.au also.

I am qualified and an Accredited Professional, Award Winning Photographer

Do I have a say if our images are advertised on Facebook or Websites?

The photos are and will remain property of Inspire Kindy Photos, as by copyright laws. However, if you specifically ask me not to share these images I will respect your privacy & refrain from using them online or in displays.

Do you sell the USB form our session?

No. You can purchase individual Digital images from us. We do include digital images within our Package selections. 

How do I pay?

You will receive an exclusive link to your centre’s photography service and here you will be able to purchase your packages online. We accept Paypal, Stripe and Afterpay online. 

Can I have the rest of the images that haven’t been edited?

No. Under no circumstances will raw, unedited, or original images be released to our clients. As a professional photographer the end product we offer is that of our digital enhancement and we will not produce unfinished work. Your best images will be presented to you professionally edited and enhanced, and those in the gallery will be available for your order consideration.

Can I have a sibling package with a child who does not attend the centre?

Yes, you will need to bring that child into the centre as close to 8:30am as you can for us to photograph the sibling session. 

Will I get a refund if my child doesn’t attend the day you will be in and I can’t take my child in?

Please keep an eye on the dates, we open this up with ample time for you to prepare your child. We only attend your centre 1 day. If your child is sick on the day please email us and notify us, we will then attempt to arrange a out of centre session for you near Rocklea for your child to receive their session. 

Can I send a change of clothes for my child to be photographed in?

Yes, please ensure you email us to let us know so we can mark it on our run sheet – this way we can guarantee they are changed as sometimes the teacher alongside us is not the teacher whom you tell at the centre and information can be misconstrued 

Can I order just an add on product?

No. Add on products are available to purchase alongside a package. Please select a package for every order. 

Will my child who is dressed up and in Kindy be photographed first as they are ready?

No sorry, we work from Nursery upwards in classes and photograph all who have placed an order. If your child is in Kindy we suggest you send their outfit with them, let us know, and we will ensure they are dressed ready when it comes to their turn. If you are bringing your child in specifically for the photos and they do not attend on the day we will get them done as soon as we are next available from the child we are currently photographing.

Can you photograph my child with their best friend?

If you would like your child and their friend photographed together we suggest you select a sibling package also – and the other parents consent – and notify us of the arrangement so we understand. But please ensure you have both parenting sides permission before doing this. 

If we don’t like the images you select can we change them?

No, please understand we do all we can to get the perfect image of your children, it may not always involve them smiling as some children are just not willing to smile for us, but we do all we can to try to get smiles, but in the end we only release the best image to you so there is no swapping images sorry.