How to prepare your children for their photos

You know your child’s kindy photos are fast approaching and you’re wondering what you can do to prepare your little one, so we have a few simple steps to help you.

We suggest you talk to your children about the upcoming session, just to familiarise them with the fact there will be someone new at the center taking photos so when they see us they aren’t scared. This will help them adapt on the day. 

We also suggest dress them in something they love! Dont dress your daughter in a dress if she hates dresses! This will never work well as you will see her shut down and not want to be photographed. Let your kid be them self! 

If your daughter is going to wear a dress or a skirt, please ensure they wear bike shorts under it, after all kids will be kids and hey do enjoy climbing around their playground. 

And we also ask you pin your little ones hair back so its not in their face 🙂 

If you’re concerned about your little one showing off their ‘fake smile’ (c’on, we all know that every kid pulls this one out at times haha) Muck around with them at home in the week leading up to their photos and take photos of them yourself pretending to be us, this will create a fun environment for them to connect our arrival with and they’ll enjoy the game they played with mum and dad, at kindy with us. 

The more you talk to your children about their upcoming experience with us the more relaxed they will be, and this will engage gorgeous raw photos! 

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