What if my child HATES photos?

There are so many parents who stress out because their child is near impossible to get photos of for their parents, or they simply refuse to smile.

Remember, sometimes its simply a case of them not wanting to do it for their parents cos its something all parents do, and lets face it, our kids always behave better for other people right? Honestly, DONT STRESS! We ourselves are parents, we know all too well what we are in for, your child is generally distracted with their friends, teachers and the excitement of new people around with shiny objects and of course our toy supply that they all love. So, trust us, more times then not, your child will generally be very cooperative with us. 

Secondly, sometimes it isn’t about your child disliking photos, its more that they are unsure of who is taking photos, or being enforced to pose and sit still and be bored, something most children dislike beyond words. This is why we ensure they warm up to us, they can play, laugh, and have fun and if need be we simply work with photographing them whilst they play. 

Our best piece of advice that we can offer you is to talk to your child, explain to them that we will be there taking photos so they are aware to expect people they don’t know around their day care centre taking photos. get them excited about the new people going to take exciting photos for mummy and daddy. This will assist them in being more comfortable with us when we do arrive, and them being excited to get their photos taken

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