What to dress your child in

You got your notices that your child’s Childcare Photos are fast approaching and you are wondering what to dress them in.

Do you dress them in something nice? Do you dress them in that smart white shirt? Will they get messy before their photo time comes around on the day? 


We’ve got some helpful tips for you 

Our main piece of advice is, Please, and we do beg this of you, Please dress your child in what they are comfortable in. 

If you have a little girl who NEVER wears dresses, please don’t enforce that they wear a dress for photos! They will be uncomfortable in it, upset and it will show in their photos. Please let your child be exactly who they are! The whole idea behind these photos is to capture who they are.

If your child is a little bit messy, i mean which child isn’t, we encourage you to have a change of clothes for their photos packed within their schoolbag and to notify the teachers so they know to change them, after all, we aren’t there to be told who needs to change, nor do we go through their bags so please ensure the teachers know.

We encourage you dress your child in colours they usually wear, no bright bold prints, no slogans and bold logos, Let your kids be kids, let them be comfortable, dress them to suit their age, and to suit their personalities

A few other quick notes to remember.

  • If your little one is wearing a dress or skirt, please ensure bike shorts are worn. They may be wishing to be photographed climbing or playing and keeping their dress down isn’t always their first thought process. 
  • Please pin their hair back, we all know every mum loves seeing their baby with their hair down, but keep in mind they are running and playing and their hair could be in their face and become matted or knotted. 
  • If you want them to wear white, we suggest you pack their whites in their bag to change into.

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